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Star Dr-Nicole
if u hav secrets an scared 2 tel ur friends,are do u like a guy or a girl but dont know how 2 tel them.or problems dont hesitate come an pour ur heart out

Group Founder: nicole15
Description: R u feeling lonly need sum 1 2 talk 2 . Look no further i Nicole will help u in any way as possible . contact me either at or inbox me.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 274
Category: Romance & Relationships > Advice

Topics (54)

go dirty... (0) c4ndy
Have a fantasy bout my sis....

go What are the keypoint of wining a lady love. (15) 4nifemi
There was a lady dat i admire & love dearly,but, she is the type that was cage by her parent.above all, she is the type that doesnt want to welcome any love relationship from any guy via my observ...

go pls help me (0) henrymik
i had a girlfrnd that i really love her but i am shy i don't know hw to express my feeling

go help pls (3) kimkeifa
i am a lesbian, i met a a lady last year who made me become a lesbian, i was not dating men or women when we met, we dated for five months and we started staying together, later i realized that she wa...

go Wat do i do? (1) eurokid
I meet a gal tru chat n we gt in2 a relatnship. i call her often bt she doesnt reply my call.I luv her bt dnt trust her.--Sent on a phone using

go Is this right? (1) chowder1
Falling in luv with your best friend hu's also in luv with my sister?

go I need advice! (4) angelz13
I'm in love with this girl karen and i dunno how 2 tell her! And i wanna ask her out! Any advice?!?

go Need help (7) shorty83
I am married and want a devorce. I had a bf who says he loves me but dont want 2 b with me. How do i leave my husband and get my bf back

go Bis*xual sub (S&M and B (2) irish40
I'm a bis*xual female who is a sub seeking a Master male or female mwah i live to serve and serve to live i'm here to please.

go Does he loves me? (2) elvaodoy
Their is this man whom i love so much bt al of a sudden he jst kip silent whether i sms flask or cal he wouldnt av called back or sms back nw i av got sm1 he ask 4 4gvnes n he is also sick i dont if i...

go I really love ma guy! (8) lily4luv
Pls can u list out d keypoints that i'll use to wins my bf heart so that he will love no one but me!

go Hlpz me plz (4) sashx
Ive gt a bf frm the uk bt i dnt realy like him im totaly in lv wiv a guy frm over seas wat shud i do :!

go In luv wt a stranger! (4) sputkam
At 1st, i thot dis ws jst a crush dat wl eventualy fade away. Boy, i ws d*mn rong! Im utterly in luv wt a guy who doesnt even knw dat sum1 lke me exists. I knw he'd luv me 2 if only...wat do u guys su...

go I'am tooo shy (4) mita19
I'm too shy to express my s*xual needs except in net to people I don't know.

go Somebody save me!!! (0) hardey09
There is dis grl i said i lov and she wil not giv me any reply,i sent lov messages but stil wont reply.d most funy part is dat when i cal her we talk,laugh and reason together but when i told her to r...


Polls (1)

go If u betrayed ua best friend by sleeping with her ex would you.

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