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Subject: help pls
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kimkeifa 26.06.10 - 04:00am
i am a lesbian, i met a a lady last year who made me become a lesbian, i was not dating men or women when we met, we dated for five months and we started staying together, later i realized that she was once married to a man and had two children, who stays with her mother, she took advantage of me since i loved her so much, she kept on packing and going back to her mother any time we disagreed without telling me, she did that 5times, and this was really breaking me, after going she would refuse to take my calls even when i call to ask why she left, when i went to look for her at their house she would ask her sister or the neighbour to tell me to go away, i was hurt and when i met her yesterday i found myself insulting her and she got mad at me and ask me not to look for her again. what do i do? *

ronyfrnd 13.12.10 - 06:46pm
look im not dr.nichole bt a friend.leave her bcoz she not respect ur feelings and u.she never lv u.she lv own.thats why her own advantage she join d same reoson she left u.start a new begening.future is waiting fr u. *

kimkeifa 15.02.11 - 07:31pm
thanx Ronyfrnd *

latifah1 26.10.11 - 06:02pm
Dialogue with her,just talk to her n tell her how u feel......n be open n candid...agree to disagree or agree to agree....all the best dear n pole bout all that *

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