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Subject: I need advice!
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angelz13 5/17/2007 - 12:42:40
I'm in love with this girl karen and i dunno how 2 tell her! And i wanna ask her out! Any advice?!? *

csexyguy 7.06.08 - 03:11pm
My guy u did not specify whether she's a distant friend or close.Whatever,if she's somebody u talk 2 often,just tell her in a light mood and i beliv she ll say at least 'give me time' gud luck *

sibandes 22.12.08 - 12:15pm
i love g girl but i don't knw how 2 tell her *

eurokid 18.10.09 - 03:30am

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eurokid 18.10.09 - 03:31am
D best way 2 start is 2 start. dnt b shy if she's beautiful d mor tym u waste d beta 4 other guys cos dey ll stalk her.

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