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Subject: Need help
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shorty83 8/7/2006 - 12:40:20
I am married and want a devorce. I had a bf who says he loves me but dont want 2 b with me. How do i leave my husband and get my bf back *

skylrk19 8/17/2006 - 4:50:54
Talk 2 ur husband,b undrstng bt firm.Cant say bout ur bf though. *

gazelle4 9/3/2006 - 9:58:57
My sistr resently got married n she made me promise t help her remebr y she got married...whyd u get married?n y wud u want a dvorce if u had a reason for marrige in da first place... *

nicole15 9/26/2006 - 3:08:18
i agree why did u get married in da 1 place did u n luv him inuf,u ar goin 2 break ur husbands heart an u should be faitful 2 ur man .u should not continue this afair that u ar havin wit ur bf *

2sexi4ya 30.04.09 - 09:55am
Well first off...that boyfriend sounds like a dog...okay he says he loves u but don't want to be with u...well that is already sounding like a bad idea...and I know relasionships and marrages get stale once in a while...but its no reason to divorce..look their is so many divorces now a days..and all I gotta say is...if people wernt ready for the good and the bad that comes with marrige then why get don't sound like ur husband a bad guy..otherwise he wouldn't have decided to pop question or stay with u this long...remember ur vows u both took threw thick n thin..for better or worse.....that's what its all about...and I think u need to work it out with ur husband..if he loves u he will work it with u....that's what a marrige is about...compermise and commitment and working things out as a matter how hard it is...u stick to it...unless husband is a cheating,beating ? Then u shouldn't have problem...however...most relasionships I found just needed to work on communication...that's the number 1 thing that holds a relasionship together my dear....well good luck to u...and hope u can figure this all out.. *

danhage 8.07.09 - 09:22am
well having a bfriend behind your husband, wow not to say anything but what made u go out and have another boyfriend? and your husband need an explanation for getting a divorce and if u have kids when u decide get divorce remember that they will be affected to let them down gently so they may not blame themselfs for their parents separetion, explian to them cause i know how it feels my parents also got divorce,but u should follow your hart and that dude does not deserve u cause he is making emty promises *

eurokid 18.10.09 - 03:15am

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eurokid 18.10.09 - 03:19am
ur bf is a liar he jst wnts u 4 fun he dsnt luv u. dnt lose wat u hav a bird at hand is beta dan a million in d bush.

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