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Subject: In luv wt a stranger!
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sputkam 30.07.09 - 12:01pm
At 1st, i thot dis ws jst a crush dat wl eventualy fade away. Boy, i ws d*mn rong! Im utterly in luv wt a guy who doesnt even knw dat sum1 lke me exists. I knw he'd luv me 2 if only...wat do u guys suggest i do? *

danhage 4.08.09 - 09:33am
step up to the dude, make him realise that u exise. *

jake2o20 4.08.09 - 11:29pm
make him notice you but be ur self *

eurokid 16.10.09 - 06:11am

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eurokid 16.10.09 - 06:15am
B hot and s*xy,he'll notice u. try 2 show up around him often.

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