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Subject: I'am tooo shy
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mita19 6/12/2007 - 6:37:53
I'm too shy to express my s*xual needs except in net to people I don't know. *

angelz13 7/5/2007 - 11:46:11
Try speed dating or go to *

lonely4e 15.10.09 - 06:42am
u have 2 proceed slowly then,bcz perhaps u need ur time 2 overcome it.think positive,sms ur feelings to someone u like and luv 2 have s*x wid when u feel hot.beleive me,few ppl can avoid it when a hot teenage gal invites a guy for s*x,but u have 2 be choosy *

eurokid 16.10.09 - 06:05am

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eurokid 16.10.09 - 06:07am
Guys rarely reject s*xual advances. if d guy lyks u he wont say no bt always look b4 u leap dnt let ur desire eat u up.

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